Your School For Life

Thank you for your interest in the Ivy League Academy. We have been a community of learners for over three decades. The school has been trusted by parents who wish for their child to entrust their child’s formative years to a nurturing ambience.

At Ivy League we know we’re nurturing our students for a world outside they do not see as yet. Pushing them to dream for jobs that may not exist, so that they create the space for themselves. Exposing them to ideas that will not only stretch their imagination but fuel their passions for a lifetime.

Far enough out of the bustling metropolis of Hyderabad, the 20kms between the idyllic setting of the school and the urban chaos has helped create the perfect ecosystem where learning blossoms in the midst of freedom and self-exploration. The 14 acre campus is nestled in the midst of Nature’s abundance with clean air, sunshine, clear blue skies, magnificent rock formations and so much more. The Ivy Leaguers

are spoilt for choice of how they want to learn and what to learn from this natural setting for their life.

We stand by our commitment of quality education with unfettered opportunities. We hope to have you drop by to see for yourself how our students go about their day and what really empowers them to be the leaders of tomorrow.