The ethos of the Ivy League School finds its origins to a time when education was stuck in the realms of conventional teaching methodologies of in-class passing of information from teacher to students. Not only was it mechanical but also did not account for the enrichment through creative methodologies and allowing for freedom of thought and expression. To make it a

holistic well-rounded life experience, we went back to the drawing board and reimagined a sweeping vision for the Ivy where education would be inclusive of wholesomeness of life itself. Where teachers and students could together explore the world of knowledge, appreciate its importance and learn to adapt to its consequences.

A daunting task to break with traditions, Ivy League set out to be a pioneer amongst schools in the area charting a path away from being government controlled or missionary run to one with a corporate lineage.

When Ivy League Academy opened its doors in 1988, there was a growing need for a private entity driven quality education system amongst the educated middle class. In the ever evolving world, it is believed that the code of ethics of a conscionable corporation can play a critical role in creating the road map for scalable models of quality education that can adapt and evolve with

changing times. Each stakeholder- be they the corporates, employees, shareholders, end customers (parents and students) and the community- in the ecosystem had to be equal players in the growth of the school.
With a staunch belief in our vision and the clear road-map ahead, we have worked tirelessly towards building a well-reasoned and wholesome environment of self discovery and learning as far away as possible from ritualistic approach to education.