1. Music

At Ivy League, we value musical creativity and so one of the leading music education platforms in India, Muzigal, will be bringing its lessons into our classrooms. They have access to skilled music instructors and a curriculum that emphasises public performance. In order to prepare students for advanced certification programmes with Trinity College London, Rockschool international exam board, and ABRSM, teachers ensure that all students have a solid musical foundation. We provide students with the chance to study vocal technique and play a wide variety of instruments under the guidance of experienced professionals with a strong emphasis on taking part in both intramural and extramural competitions.

2. Dance

Dance is the expression of the soul. We believe our students are abundantly creative given the right opportunities to train and express. The club allows them that freedom of expression to create their own identity through various dance forms.

3. Visual Arts

What the mind sees the artist translates on canvas. We encourage artistic expression through guided lessons in various art forms. Exhibitions and competitions hone their competitive skills too.

4. Theatre

Our Performing Arts Club helps identify aspiring actors, anchors, journalists and choreographers. We feel that acting in a play enhances mind, body, and vocal focus. Acting improves verbal and nonverbal communication. Every year on Founders Day, our students perform.