Air Chief Marshall H. Lateef, Former Chief of Staff, Indian Air Force

“What impresses me most about this school is the ethos of personal freedom and choice within the framework of discipline and responsibilities”


Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw

” I hope the school will become instrumental in shaping young minds”


Padma Vibhushan Dr. P.M. Bhargava

“Schools like Ivy League represent the forward march of Indian education into the global knowledge era”


Vijayarama Rao, Former Director, CBI

” It is well known today that intelligence has many facets. This school deserves a thumbs-up for cultivating children`s all-round development”


M.L.Jaisimha, Former Test Cricketer

“Great sports facilities at Ivy League could become fields for India`s budding sport heroes and are boon for the future of Indian sports.”


Mr.Abraham Eapen – Former Head Master from 1988 to 2014

A ray of light from the past illuminating the future
My unique position as a teacher and a parent in the first twenty five years of Ivy League gives me a distinct advantage to make some observation about Ivy League

The first batch of our students are nearing 40 years of age now, old enough to be judged and measured how successful we the school has been in laying the foundation for their life.

Looking at their achievements in life we can proudly claim that we made a difference in the world through them. In a world obsessed with marks and grades , Ivy produced a generation of young people who could interact successfully with the world , take leadership positions in various fields , adapt to the circumstances , develop into better parents themselves,contribute to the society where they live, value team work and foster lifelong friendships. In short they have become better human beings.

We can say with confidence and claim with pride that our contribution played in no small measure in achieving this feat.They are the living testimony to our achievement.


Rahul Jain (Managing partner universal Hunt)

A residential campus is a movie in itself. When I was admitted in Ivy League Academy as a child, I was an introvert. This institution changed the way of how I used to look at things. I learnt to respect space & people I was exposed to the values of relationships and togetherness.


Dr. Sachin Gothi (Gynaecologist )

Role of ivy league in my life is what’s soil is to a seed.It has provided me space to develop roots of my life, nourishment of motivation to grow my skills, water of hard work to quench my thirst of success ,fertilizer of happiness to color my life and pesticides of values to take away all negativity from my life and achieve my full potential to explore purpose of life



Ivy is one places which thought me all about life motto of our school “mind without fear “ is what all of us live thank you ivy league for making me who I am today


Dr. Pradeep Reddy

In my book of LIFE. I am ever grateful to have IVY as my all time favorite chapter for more than many reasons. Studied little yet Learnt Lessons of Life a Lot. Played little yet Had loads of Fun. Lived only 6 years in IVY but will cherish Memories a lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for a better place than IVY LEAGUE ACADEMY.



At Ivy League, we were unfettered in ideas but bound by discipline, our thoughts encouraged to soar free. We explored, questioned, asked, argued, all the while being educated—taught not just through curriculum or rote learning but activity and interaction. Co-curricular activities and sports were a close second to academics. In each child is a kernel of talent, a hint of excellence. In Ivy League, this potential was found and nurtured. Leadership, teamwork, and cultural awareness were as important as intellectual curiosity. We grew up with a strong sense of responsibility towards those around us. Ivy Leaguers stand apart from the crowd but are still part of it, strong in their sense of self but aware of their duty to others. We are children of the sun and the wind, with both feet on the ground.



Ivy League Academy has made me what I am today. A school with a wide vision imparts you with knowledge, confidence and a legacy which you carry with you all your life. My guardians made a choice and I’m thankful for the choices they made.


Dr. ShifaVyas(MBBS Pursuing MD )

I came from a different world to a different world. My acceptance into Ivy League Academy, my school was a game changer. What I acquired here was more than education and knowledge, I was designed by my teachers to win.



Possibly my best 4 years of schooling was at Ivy. I gained confidence in academics and extra-curricular activities which is helping me till day. The friends I made at Ivy, are still the best of the buddies – and we have a what’s app group too! Still remember the names of all the teachers – right from Chemistry to English – and memories looks like as if it was yesterday. 3 Cheers to the best time of my life ! Hail Ivy!


NITIN RATARIYA (Businessman)

The schooling at ivy league academy has contributed to my being what i am today and what i will be tomorrow.