Know Ivy

Ivy League Academy was established in 1988 with an aim to make a real difference in a myriad ways to the lives of students who pass out through its portals and help them find their place in the sun. The seagull on the academy’s emblem symbolizes an Ivy Leaguer’s passion to fly ever higher and explore new worlds of knowledge and experience.

For more than two decades now, Ivy League has been constantly striving to endow students with a holistic education and open new windows of opportunity and enterprise.


  • Estd. in 1988
  • CBSE Classes I to XII
  • Co-educational School
  • Teacher-Student Ratio 1: 10
  • 40 Acre Campus
  • Just 18 kms from Sec-bad Railway Station


Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Children are the future of the world. How their mind shapes today will shape the
world tomorrow.

Ivy League is a leading educational establishment that lays the foundation of
honesty, sensitivity and inculcates good behavior, an enthusiasm for learning and
life itself, in children.

Education is the stairway to every pinnacle in life. Our emblem, the Seagull
symbolizes our endeavor to encourage the children to fearlessly rise above
everything else and explore new worlds.



Unlocking the potential

For nearly 30 years, Ivy League has been providing children with a cohesive education system in order to groom and prepare them for the world outside. It provides a platform for the students to seize new opportunities and open the right doorways to their future.



Ivy League Academy is guided by a mission to prepare every single child for the challenges of a world driven by change, more than ever before. An Ivy Leaguer is the proud inheritor of an exemplary legacy of a rich tradition and “the clear stream of reason”. He embraces modern learning in his journey through the ever-widening frontiers of knowledge.