1. Why should I choose Ivy League for my child ?

Answer : 40 acres campus, Non pollution zone, gives a choice of schooling to parents as per their needs, 10 bed health centre, separate play fields for different sports with different coaches. Music, Art & Theatre integral part of the schoolís curriculum. Swimming and Gymnasium.

2. Which board are you affiliated to ?

Answer : CBSE

3. Do you have Boarding/weekly boarding ?

Answer : In tune with the changing needs of the parents, Ivy League has a flexible format and offers different schooling options:
Day Boarding | Weekday Boarding | Full Boarding

4. What is the strength per class ? & schoolís strength ?

Answer : 25 per class and 300 is the schoolís strength

5. How many boys and girls do you have in your residential wing?

Answer : We have separate hostels for boys and girls, senior and juniors and the ratio of girls to boys is 25% : 75%.

6. Do you have Veg or Non Veg food ? Do you prepare separate food for Veg ?

Answer : Yes, we have both Veg and Non veg. All children at Ivy League eat in excellent dining environment in the canteen on the school campus. The menu is drawn up by a nutritionist thus ensuring a healthy, balanced diet.

7. What is the medical facility on campus ?

Answer : We have 10 bed Health Centre with 24/7 Nurse and a visiting Doctor who visits every day in the evening between 4 pm Ė 5 pm. We have a tie up with corporate hospital, in case of an emergency, we rush in.

8. How is your faculty ?

Answer : The faculty at Ivy League is top of the line and teachers in every discipline are selected via a nationwide search. The quality of education we render at the Ivy League is incomparable. Our 28 year old record speaks for itself.

9. How many acres the school is situated in ?

Answer : Located on a lush green, 40 acre acre, set in serene, pollution free, natural surroundings, just 20 kms away from Secunderabad. Our campus gives students an excellent opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.

10. Parentís background ? Business/IT professionals/mixture of ?

Answer : Mixture of all Professions, Businessmen, Government Official and from different walks of life.

11. Activities/games/hobbies/co-curricular options ?

Answer : At Ivy League, we have unlimited activities and may be explained in detail by visiting our school.

12. Foreign Languages offered ?

Answer : French

13. Any corporal punishments ? Bullying ? if yes, what are the repercussions ?

Answer : No

14. Learning support extended ?

Answer : Yes

15. Do you have e-reporting (emailing of studentís performance) system ?

Answer : Yes

16. How many PTMs per year ?

Answer : Since we have parentís from different countries and States, we arrange PTMís upon parentís requests but as per our schedule twice a year.

17. What are the achievements of school (medals and area of expertise) & board results ?

Answer : We have been consistently performing and giving a 100% results in academics with a few students getting Merit Certificates from CBSE. In the field of sports, we participate in various competitions, Hockey is the school game and our school happens to be one of the top teams of South India winning many trophies In other games wherever we participate we minimum reach the quarter finals.
In the field of Music & Theatre, we have won many awards.

18. Do you have foreign students/expats ?

Answer : Yes

19. Student exchange programs ?

Answer : Yes

20. When does the Academic year start ?

Answer : June to April