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Since the day you got to know that you were going to be a parent, youíve only dreamed about giving the best to your child. Havenít you? And a big part of this Ďbestí has also been the right education and schooling.

Inevitably all parents face a dilemma when choosing the right school and mode of schooling for their child. Yet, somewhere, though their heart knows whatís best for their child, a lack of clarity can take over their better judgment.

To save you from such a situation, we are dispelling 5 major myths about boarding schools that keep parents from giving the most crucial Ďbestí ever Ė a hostel life – to their children:

Myth 1: Boarding schools are expensive

When your child stays with you, you donít take into account expenses towards food and stay. Hence, the number seems a lot when you look at the fees towards lodging and boarding in schools. But the truth is that many boarding schools receive grants and forward it to meritorious students or needy families as scholarships and reduces tuition fees.
Alternately, set the fees off against the all-round development that boarding schools provide for your child and it wonít seem expensive at all!

Myth 2: I will not be able to keep in touch with my child

Boarding schools appreciate the need for family values and understanding of oneís own culture. Hence, they encourage children keeping in touch with their families through the Internet and other means. There are scheduled breaks and weekends when parents and family members may visit the hostlers.

Myth 3. Children may not get introduced to various cultures

Boarding schools have a diverse population because children from various locations come and live together. This gives every student an opportunity to understand, learn and accept other cultures and ideas. Boarding schools are a great platform to inculcate open and tolerant minds that are important qualities of good leaders.

Myth 4. Boarding schools are very strict

Boarding schools take on the complete responsibility of your childís well being, safety and development. Hence, they follow disciplines and operate on rules. However, that does not take away the fun from the hostel life. In fact, children who go to boarding schools have deeper friendships, more engaging experiences and loads of fun stories to share when they grow up!

Myth 5. Boarding schools are for troublemakers only
This is a big no-no. Boarding schools are for everyone. Yes, sometimes parents find themselves ill equipped to discipline and train their children due to their circumstances and they take support from boarding schools to do the same, but these are only a few cases. Largely, parents choose boarding schools for the 360-degree development and opportunities that they offer students.

Your childís future is all that matters and it is important that when you decide about it, you are free from any judgments and notions of any kind. The best way to do so in this regard is to visit a boarding school and assure your self that you are making the right decision. And we, at Ivy League would be more than happy to help you reach the best decision for your child.


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Which parent doesnít want his/ her child to be the best in the world? In fact parents go to any end to ensure that their child can grow into the finest citizen and greatest human being.

And helping such parents in accomplishing their dreams are boarding schools.
Boarding schools help mold students into model students and skilled leaders. The opportunities and exposure that a child receives in a boarding school is second to no other.

These schools bridge the gap between training avenues available outside plus the learning that parents can impart and the mettle needed for a student to be the best version of him or herself.

So how do you decide whether your child should be a boarding school or not? Here are four straight questions that will help make your decision easier:

1. Do you want him or her to explore their true potential?
Some parents are okay with their child not being the best at things he or she is passionate about. If you are one of those parents, thatís completely acceptable. But if you have the slightest inkling that your child will be happier being really good or even best at things he or she is passionate about, then find him a boarding school to help him hone his skills and more importantly, cultivate his mental strength and focus to be able to absorb failure and success alike.

2. Is your kid lacking ambition and a drive to do something?
Kids are extremely resilient and competitive. Put them together with kids who are sharper, more focused and skilled and they will work upon themselves to get better than the rest. Boarding schools are a great way to get your child to drop the lackadaisical attitude and get serious about life.

3. Do you want your child to be social and have a good network of lifelong friends?
Hostel life friendships are deeper than any blood relation. Through the years students become each otherís families and help one another solve problems, celebrate the highs and brave the lows of life. Not only is this a great training in being open, judgment free and self- dependent, in the process students make friends that will last a life-time.

4. Are your disciplining sessions ending in punishments and fights?
It is not always easy to discipline children. Finding the balance between inculcating right habits and preserving a childís individuality can be very tricky. Boarding schools do this job for your easily as they create an environment where every individual has endless opportunities to grow while discipline is necessary to thrive. So, if that is where your concerns lie, look up a nice boarding school for your child and you will be glad you did.

You do and will continue to do everything to make your childís life the best possible. If any of the above points have the slightest resemblance to the truths of your lives, then you know where the key to your childís golden future is.